Brubeck US "All-Breed" Ranking End-2011

With his Terrier Group placement at the Brevard Dog Show, Brubeck earned 246 points - the number of Terriers he defeated. With his prior "breed" point count of 47 Ceskys defeated, he finished 2011 with 293 points "All-Breed".

CLICK HERE to see the year-end 2011 "Dogs Defeated
" report as compiled by Canine Chronicle in the "All-Breed" category. The total points consider Ceskys defeated, as well as dogs defeated at the Terrier Group level. These point values are identical to those published by the AKC at the "All-Breed" level, and ShowSight at the "All-Breed" level.

Brubeck is #1 Cesky "All-Breed" in the US in 2011 based on total dogs defeated at group and breed levels.